Hello Fellow Collectors,

My name is Steve and I am a stagehand in the entertainment industry. For over ten years, my freinds and I have been involved with countless music-related events including live concerts, television performances, video shoots, private artist parties, and so much more. All part of a ROADIES LIFE!

Through our continuous years of working for the "Wild & Famous", we have had the pleasure of meeting a large number of fans. Itís great to see someone go crazy over the smallest piece of memorabilia from the group or artist theyíve idolized forever. I get a kick out of watching kids and adults faces light up while receiving an autograph or just catching a backstage glimpse of their favorite star. Many true fans don't get a chance to sit in the first two rows of a sold out concert and find themselves lucky enough to catch a flying signature guitar pick, or just try to sweet talk Joe Muscle into giving you that special VIP backstage pass. Why should you only have the same bland, tour t-shits to choose from as everyone else?
And what about the unique crew swag?

Now thereís a place for all fans and collectors alike to shop on-line for a huge variety of hard-to-find memorabilia from musicís greatest performers. That place is THE BACKSTAGE STORE.
Where we make you the V.I.P.

Start off by searching for collectable items from your favorite bands with our easy-to-use browsing system. You are first able to read a brief description of each item up for sale, and then you may choose to view a photo giving you a real, close-up look at what it is you wish to buy. The store will carry a super inventory ranging from one-of-a-kind autographed pieces to sets of unused concert tickets and from old stickers and metal buttons to the newest tour merchandise.
It will be right here.

Next, take a trip into the past when you visit The Backstage Storeís Photo Museum. We have gathered a stunning collection of photographs spanning more than 50 years. Grab a wicked still shot of B.B. King caressing Lucile for your desktop or just print a few live concert photos of Metallica or Kiss for your bedroom wall. We will also feature a special collection of prints from top photographers that may be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles. Or maybe a little secret story about your favorite band might interest you. Touring personnel tell unbelievable tales from their travels behind "ROADIE WALL".

Finally, spend a little time surfing around backstage where you can take advantage of our many music-oriented links. Visit tons of band and artist links that take you right to their homepage. See what groups are playing in your area or obtain a copy of a full tour schedule of the bands you like this week with help from Poll-Star. And as always, much more to come including some interactive events and on-line concerts planned for the near future.

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