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If you don't see what you are looking for in the catalog, have no fear. We are always gathering memorabilia from a variety of bands in every category and we may already have it. Shoot us a Quick Request. Simply type the artist or bands name, a brief description of the item you want, then send it off. And before Prince can change his name back to "The Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, our crack staff will search the stores stock room and let you know what we find.
We will be updating the store inventory regularly.

COC = Centered on chest area
(SLV) = Located on sleeve
(BP) = Located over breast pocket area.

Alan Jackson shirt Style #4 (GS)
Alan Jackson shirt Style #4 (GS) X-Large
front: Alan pictured with cowboy hat and yellow leather fringed coat
back: "A lot about livin' and a little 'bout love" - Row of hats

Cat No: salanj4

Alanis Morissette shirt Style #4 (GS)
Alanis Morissette shirt Style #4 (GS) X-Large
front: Alanis pictured / Jagged Little Pill

Cat No: samor4

BB King shirt (GS)
BB King shirt (GS) Large
front: BB King pictured w/ Lucielle
back: Guitar with city tour dates / 1998

Cat No: sbbking1

Billy Joel shirt (GS)
Billy Joel shirt (GS) Large
front : Billy Joel River of Dreams - Song words - World Tour '96
back : The Journey Begins - Tour dates

Cat No: sbjoel3

Bonnie Raitt shirt (GS)
Bonnie Raitt shirt (GS) Medium
front: Bonnie Raitt pictured playing guitar with BR logo
back: City tour names

Cat No: sbrait2

Boys II Men crew shirt (GS)
Boys II Men crew shirt (GS) Large/Med
front: Boys II Men logo
back: US Tour 1995 LOCAL CREW

Cat No: sb2men1

Chicago shirt (GS)
Chicago shirt (GS) Large
front : Chicago logo - 32 Album covers pictured / 1967-1997
back : Chicago fant in background - Tour 1998 - Tour dates

Cat No: schic1

Chumbawamba shirt (GS)
Chumbawamba shirt (GS) X-Large
back: Exclamation point w/ head screaming in dot / Chumbawamba

Cat No: schumba1

Dave Mathews Band tour shirt Style #5 (GS)
Dave Mathews Band tour shirt Style #5 (GS) X-Large
front: Movie camara in colorful graphics / Dave Matthews Band - Tour 1997 Crash
back: Art from album - DMB Tour 1997 / City tour names

Cat No: sdmath5

Diamond Rio crew shirt (GS)
Diamond Rio crew shirt (GS) X-Large
front: Diamond Rio STAGE CREW
back: Diamond Rio logo / Fast-Fast-Fast Tour '96

Cat No: sdrio1

Jazz Festival shirt (GS)
Jazz Festival shirt (GS) Large
front: Colorful festival artwork for 1992 / JVC Jazz Festival
back: JVC Jazz Festival 1992

Cat No: sjazz1

Jimmie Vaughan tour shirt (GS)
Jimmie Vaughan tour shirt (GS) Large
front: Jimmie pictured with shades holding guitar
back: Hand print / Jimmie Vaughan - Strange Pleasure World Tour

Cat No: sjvaugh1

Little Texas shirt (GS)
Little Texas shirt (GS)
front : Little Texas logo / Kick A Little on red banner
back : Little Texas logo / Tour dates

Cat No: sltex1

LIVE shirt (GS)
LIVE shirt (GS) Large
front: Person rolled up in bed sheets - Bright light out window
back: Band pictured (4" x 6") Live logo

Cat No: slive2

Mt Hood Festival of Jazz shirt (GS)
Mt Hood Festival of Jazz shirt (GS) X-Large
front: Mt Hood Festival of Jazz 1995 - A Trumpet bordered with graphics

Cat No: smthood1

Pam Tillis tour shirt (GS)
Pam Tillis tour shirt (GS) X-Large
front: Pam pictured in jeans - Pam Tillis

Cat No: spamtil1

Pat Metheny Group shirt (GS)
Pat Metheny Group shirt (GS) X-Large
front : U.S. Tour - Pat Metheny - Secret Story 1992 / Cool graphpics
back : Pat Metheny - Secret Story Tour '92 / Tour dates

Cat No: spmeth1

Ramones tour shirt Style #1 (GS)
Ramones tour shirt Style #1 (GS) X-Large
front: Ramones logo / Crest in a circle - Johnny-Joey-Marky-C. Jay / "Hey Ho Let's Go"

Cat No: sramons1

Robert Cray shirt (GS)
Robert Cray shirt (GS) Medium (Maybe Small)
front: Robert Cray Band featuring Memphis Horns - Ivan Neville & the Room April 23,1989
back: Silhouette of Robert with guitar

Cat No: srcray2

Santana tour shirt Style #3 (GS)
Santana tour shirt Style #3 (GS) Large
front: Santana pictured from '91 era
back: Angel graphics - Santana & names of band members / '91 Tour

Cat No: ssantana3

Sting shirt (GS)
Sting shirt (GS) X-Large
back : STING logo

Cat No: ssting1

They Might Be Giants tour shirt Style #3 (GS)
They Might Be Giants tour shirt Style #3 (GS)
front: They Might Be Giants / Dial-a-Song / Brooklyn's Ambassadors of Love
back: 2001 TheyMight Be Giants logo - Live On Stage Tour

Cat No: sthey3

Vince Gill crew shirt (GS)
Vince Gill crew shirt (GS) X-Large
front : VG logo - You Sure Look Tired - LOCAL CREW '95

Cat No: svgill1

Wynonna tour shirt (GS)
Wynonna tour shirt (GS) X-Large
front: Wynonna pictured on motorcycle with shades on - WYNONNA
back: Wynonna North American Tour 97

Cat No: swyno1

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