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All tour/crew shirt are acquired personally by our merchandising staff. Every shirt is thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest quality apparel. We guarantee authenticity of all shirts sold at The Backstage Store.
Price is determined by condition, quantity printed, and type(crew, tour, promo, etc.). Shirts are then separated and placed into 3 categories.

CREW/STAFF: Shirts in this category are brand new and contain absolutely no flaws. Shirts are in original condition as printed for each tour. These shirts are by far the hardest to find because they are only given to crew for the bands tours. The only way to get a crew or staff shirt is to have worked for that band on that tour. A limited amount are printed and dispersed in each city of the tour and are never reprinted. You are sure to get a real gem here.

TOUR/CONCERT: Shirts in this category are brand new and contain absolutely no flaws. These shirts are only sold at concerts by tour merchandising staff or local venues. You will not find these styles in department stores or music shops. If you went to a show and forgot to get that something to remember it by, here is your chance.

GARAGE SALE: Shirts in this category are in great shape but are not new and range from both crew to tour shirts. All shirts are washed and pressed so they will arrive ready-to-wear. Graphics and photo quality are comparable to other categories and shirts are usually from tours over 10 years old. Here you can save a little money and still get fine apparel.
Be sure to visit often for the best chance of grabbing all the new collectibles that are added regularly. Most questions can be answered from our shipping / packaging , payment / refund or contact pages .

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